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Hi-ya!! I'm Houston, though sometimes I go by Frankensteinyy due to my fasination with monsters and myths since I was a little one! I basically started this thing so I can share my love of art and oddities with other other guys and ghouls! I love to get feedback and share in creativity with you guys! So, I hope y'all join me and have some freaky fun toghther! Let's paint the town red and throw up our freak flag high! 
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Hello, you guys!! It's been a dream of mine to showcase my work with an even bigger audience and now in this day and age it's easier than ever! Only downfall of promoting yourself online is the hidden costs. I would really love to set up my own online website, and do the promotions that youtube, facebook, tumblr, and instagram offer creators. With the help from you, beautiful folks I hope to achieve my dream of getting my work even more out there! Every cent is so very appreciated!!
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