is creating an eclectic take on modern EDM and neo-classical metal.




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About Fraxxure

I am an Orlando-based composer/instrumentalist/studio engineer here to broaden the horizons of what can and has been done musically throughout history. Music is my enlightenment; it is my rock. I am so grateful to have lived when I did just to feel the music, the love, and the world laid before us. I would be nowhere, nothing, without these experiences. Here, it leads me; continuing to reach goals I have set for my future, and planning many more.

Feel free to drop a message to get in contact with me! I am available for all kinds of work.

-Tyler J Spencer, aka "Fraxxure"
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This pool is dedicated to outfitting my recording studio with more appropriate acoustic treatment. Right now there is about half of what should truthfully be employed, and it is not as durable as I had hoped. The ultimate goal here is to have solid fiberglass panels for the main mixing room, a stand-alone drum booth, vocal booth, and a small amplifier booth (perhaps two). This is yet the beginning, and all purchases will be made and documented come the future this goal is met. The set monetary bar does not reflect moving costs whatsoever, only the cost of treatment and booths I have priced.
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