Fred Edison

is creating WiFi addressable LED Controllers.

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I was fired from a job wiring LEDs into expensive controllers for suggesting that we could instead control addressable LEDs over WiFi with cheap components from China.

They said it was impossible.

Now I don't design electronics and I can't write code but I've got a brain and spending thousands of dollars to control Neopixels on commercial applications just seemed wrong.

Undeterred I've hired freelancers in India, Pakistan and Venezuela to put the pieces together and write the code.

I am Fred Edison. Incompetent inventor! Other people make the things I think of.

The first Fred Edison product is the self named Four port Addressable LED WiFi controller, Fred.

Fred is not a pattern generator. Fred is a controller that allows for precise control of individual pixels along up to four strings of LEDs.

Fred works with all 5V & 12V 3 wire addressable LEDs.

The first firmware we created uses JavaScript Object Notation, JSON. The interface is very simple, and it works. Select any number of pixels and change them to a new color without affecting the rest of the string.

Right now we are working on an mqtt version of the firmware to do exactly the same thing as the JSON firmware. It will adjust individual pixels precisely, not generate patterns. The mqtt version will be faster and require fewer resources.

I've been financing the project because I know its easier, faster and cheaper than anything else out there. It's been harder than I anticipated.

But vindication is gold!

For a few bucks you can now control addressable LEDs over WiFi. Plug them in and they work.

It's not impossible to control addressable LEDs better, faster and cheaper than anything else available. 

I would appreciate your help in allowing me to continue to work on this, and other, open source Internet of Things projects.

I have a dream and I am not going to let my inability to do the things I dream of stand in my way of making them a reality!
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Direct expenses - About $100/ month will cover credit card debt that brought the project this far and support another maker for $25/ month.
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