is creating an interactive experience that the community can be apart of.
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This is to show support to the cause and help us keep going. You'll be sponsoring this endeavor and we'll make sure you're shown at the end of our content.

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Discord tag, early comic book and content access (Youtube) as well as previous tiers.

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Autograph from the creator of one main hero character (size TBD) of your choice from the story. Receive all other tiers below this one.

These characters will be updated for print as they appear in the comic
This benefit ends when you receive all heroes (May later include villains as well as something wild...)

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About FreezingWolves

This patreon page is a community experiment to create an interactive and unique dynamic of story telling through streaming, animation, and narration/art. Patreons will not only be helping fund and support this unique idea but all they will get to be apart of it as well! Who all can be apart of this unique experience you say?

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Literally anyone can use word of mouth to help spread this phenomenon in community interaction and story telling. It's something that not even myself will have full control over because it will change and shape it's own destiny as we grow and change ourselves. There will be times of joy, wonderment and elation of the many things to see and feel. There will be times of solace, loneliness, darkness and despair to understand and acknowledge. There will be times of hope, courage and taking a chance without knowing the outcome. This is what life is about and we are going to take this journey together to see just where it takes us... So join me and the iceborn crusaders to shape the future!
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