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Who am I? I am your new God! Okay I’m joking. I am Tenma Chu, vloggers and reviewer of cute and adorable things…whether they been Asian inspired or just adorable for no reason. Most of the content will be Japanese related because I love anime, I’m an otaku and I have no shame.

What kind of content do you make?
I make vlogs about my daily life, introduce new moe anime, discussion adorable topics and just whatever my tiny heart desires. I even play video games once in a awhile but since I don’t want to turn into a gaming channel…. it’s not as often as people would think.

Why are you on Pateron? CAUSE I’M BROKE!!
Okay I can’t just say I’m broke without going into more detail. Here are some of the reasons why I am on Pateron.

  • 1) I am a small channel on Youtube which means…youtube does not care about me…or if I want money. Due to this, my videos are not monetized and if they are, I make like two cents. So I decided to make a pateron in order to help support me buying things for my channel such as: equipment, outfits, and wigs instead of you know…slaving over a job and being depressed all the time about how I’m not putting all my time into my dreams.
  • 2) I want to be able to have a way for any of my fans to support me without feeling like nothing they are doing will help grow my channel. Some of the people who watch actually try to promote my channel but growing a channel takes time. With this system and my rewards, they can help me directly which is always a great feeling.
  • 3) I’m broke. I just…don’t know how to say it any other way. I live with my parents, I don’t really have a job right now (since mental issues in on my fucking record) and so…yeah help me.

Why should I support you? Because you think I’m awesome and you have faith in me. Yes, subbing to my channel helps me a lot and spreading the word is awesome. Unfortunately, I live in a land of capitalism so money will help me put out ads, again materials and be able to even travel to different cute places for my channel. This is not a requirement to view me but your financial support can help.

Thank you so much for reading
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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