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per Game-related supplements, materials and content.

About Freyja Erlingsdóttir

Hello! I am an independent author of traditional games material like board games, serial fiction adventure games and third-party game supplements.

I have experience in writing games material and sell materials via OneBookShelf's DrivethruRPG site.

Here are some testimonies about my work:

Mounted Combat
"Mounted Combat succeeds in introducing beloved and storied mechanics seamlessly into Dungeon World, adhering to the game's mentality of simple rules that drive and produce fiction. But this one kicks it up a notch. This is a fairly meaty book at over 60 pages, and Funhaver have clearly pulled out all the stops in its production. ... Overall you can't go wrong with Mounted Combat. It feels at home in Dungeon World, almost like something that should've been there in the original book".
-Dennis N. Santana

100 Dungeons Deluxe
"We now have orcs living in the spleens of frozen, enormous generals, along with preserved bodies and equipment. The description goes on further, telling us that there are mines going into the arms and armor and battles are often fought over valuable sites, all of which are connected to one another via rope bridge.

This is not something I have seen before or would have ever thought of on my own, and I have to give credit to the team for creating something on this scale. ...

...Like many of the other products we have been seeing lately, 100 Dungeons Deluxe is not meant to be a prescriptive module by any means, but a tool that can help anyone make a better game. In that regard, it succeeds beautifully, and is well worth a buy."
-Chris Lotspeich

Basic Turn Tracker
"hahah this owns"
-Winson Paine, former moderator at Something Awful

In addition, I am a contributor to projects by other authors, such as Liberi Gothica's Inverse World.

So what exactly are you doing?

I am writing games, material for games, tools for games, supplements for games, and ideas for games.

What is this Patreon for?

Call it an incentive. Unfortunately, this is not the best-paying entertainment industry in the world! I would love to be able to put more time in and produce something on a more consistent basis, and every little bit of support I can get from patrons like you motivates and encourages me.

What do I get out of it?

You get access to the things I write. It might not be something every single month, but when it's done, it's yours. In addition, patrons can suggest little tools, third-party concepts and similar they want to see directly to me. A great deal of my inspiration comes simply from being asked to do something fresh! And best of all, you get access early.

What can I expect?

You can expect unabashed opinions. You can expect me on twitter a lot. You can expect political stances. You can expect inclusivity and acceptance of all but intolerance itself. I am opinionated. Trans Rights.

If you like what I do and want to see more, please consider becoming a patron. Thank you.
$25 of $50 per Game-related supplements, materials and content.
I will ask my Patrons to suggest works to me (supplements, a full mini-game, etc), then hold a poll to choose one to make specifically for my Patrons - complete with a thank-you message and list of names! This goal might be recurring, as well.
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