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About Friday Knights

We are a group friends with an extremely varied amount of experience with D&D, but we all share a definite love for it. After much talk (and a hasty purchase) we decided to go ahead and record our D&D shenanigans.

Right away, we all would like to thank you for your support. It means so much to us, and really shows that we aren't JUST a bunch crazy nerds playing a silly game. We want nothing more than for you to download, listen, share our show, tell us what you guys think of how we are doing and how the show is going in general. Please continue doing what you do and we will continue doing the best we can with your support helping us grow.

What started out as a group of four has grown to five with the current line-up being:
Our awesome DM- Robert Ensor
Our sneaky Rogue, Brayden (James Daniel, previously Ezekiel the Wood-Elf Druid)
The silver Dragonborn Hexblade Warlock, Zorvaith (Jacob Bardill previously the Human Gunslinger, Zion and the shiny crazed Tabaxi Monk, Kirabi)
The ever punny Changeling Bard, Poe (Katie DeHaven)
And of course the impromptu "leader" of the group, the Aasimar Fighter, Azrael (David Ensor)
Our adventurers were all wondering the woods some following orders and others simply traveling. They were all eventually swallowed by the fog of Barovia. Now, if they ever wish to return to their lives, they must find a way to break this lands curse and defeat its master, Strahd.

At the most simplistic level, your support provides us a direct finger on the pulse of whether you like what it is we're doing. Then of course beyond that, it will go to helping us improve our quality and grow as not only a show, but a brand as well. We hope to provide as high a quality of a show as we can, grow a tight-knit community, attend shows/conventions to meet with said community, and continue growing and see whatever else may come.

While money is helping us improve our equipment quality and help us get to conventions, your comments, ratings, and feedback are far more valuable. Please download/listen to our podcast on Google Podcasts, on Itunes, or any other major podcasting platform. Follow us on Twitter. Of course, leave your comments and share our show wherever you can.
You are awesome just for coming here to check this out, and anything you do will only make you even more aasimar (get it? Awsom-er)!
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Meeting this goal would allow us to meet our current monthly expenses.  This will cover the cost of hosting for both libsyn, and our website
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