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About Friend Jamie


I hope you enjoy your stay and revel in the beauty that is this kingdom and the glory of it's subjects. You can find all the Kingdom Roles down the side of the screen and feel free to become part of the Kingdom... The gates are open!

In all seriousness... Thank you for viewing the page... that alone is flattering enough! Creating content is a huge passion of mine and I've been doing it for far too long! It takes a lot of time to get the content made and much of it is behind the scenes. There is a lot of buying of props/materials/equipment. Then I film the content which can take a long time depending on the video (I've filmed videos over 36 hours before). Then the dreaded editing comes into play. This is the most exciting part but also the longest! This can take anywhere from 2-10+ hours depending on the type of video I'm creating.

The support that you guys gives allows me to do something that I love... and for that I am forever grateful <3
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Thank you all for donating so far! Once we reach this goal then I will do a huge Livestream that you will all be able to come along to and I will also do a Patreon dedicated Q&A where you can ask whatever you like.
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