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You guys will get videos a week earlier or a few days earlier before uploaded to my channel + when i finally get live streams working you guys will be the first i'll invite to play (if none of my friends get online).



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Please help me!! haha well yes i'm a new youtuber and i have been influenced to take this as a career! if you can help me out i'll be able to get more equipment to have my videos be extra entertaining and have a crystal clear audio! Also video games aren't cheap either it would help me out a lot since i don't get paid i can get more games that you would like to see me play! i know im no pewdiepie or markiplier ,but i would really like to give this a shot and be connected with everyone in the outside! thank you and stay motivated!! I have started to produce anime videos! Video games will be coming rarely now, since i have a twitch channel! please stay tuned for more exciting videos!