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About Frenk

Who are you? My name is Frenk. A guy living in the Netherlands with his cats, Pixel and Manny, being as creative as possible on as many levels as possible. And you might be thinking: “Did he just write his name with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’? That’s quite out of the ordinary”. Yes, yes it is. Officially my name with an ‘a’ but thanks to my friends I’ve been dragging this misspelled name around for more than 16 years. I have all the basics right now to keep myself busy. I have the Adobe software to visualize my work and Google Drive to write down all the stuff that's in my head. The main goal, eventually, is to quit my dayjob and go full-time crazy with everything I want to make. Tell more stories, maybe animate some of them, etc. All of this and more, knowing that there are enough people who would support that. Whether you want to support me or just tag along for the ride, that's all up to you. Patreon gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. You're not stuck with a subscription and when you feel like you don't want to support the project anymore, that's okay! Tag out and shake hands. Like proper gentlemen. But for me it's the option that gives people a chance to support the work that I do, which then gives me the ability to expand. Maybe hire talented artists to create some work for my project. Concept art, character creating, etc. Maybe even to release the books!

What is it you do? Time to begin explaining this big project. A project that I’ve spend many days, months and years on. Writing pages and pages of information, collecting over 2000 images for inspiration and used the Unreal Engine to try and figure out what my galaxy would look like, flying through it.  During this whole process, I also started visualizing several things. Weapons, logo’s, city layouts, etc. Loved it! Still do. Even now I’m trying out several things to help visualize the universe.

After playing with the idea of using the star system we all know and love (with Earth, but more advanced, etc, etc), I chose a different route and steered away from actual Earth and created a whole new universe. But to have a familiar start, I re-implemented our solar system, just for a brief moment, quickly moving to something different and new-ish. To make sense of it all, I’m gonna pull you through the first chapters, skipping a few details to not spoil everything:

"Our current solar system. Earth and Mars were colonized, Jupiter had an orbiting station and all were heavily occupied. So yeah, somewhat familiar ground. Luckily, there’s nothing to show and not that important anyway, because we’re leaving right away. Why? The sun has created trouble in paradise. So Earth, Mars and Jupiter Station created a colonization project to discover new habitable planets and create new homes, outside of their current star system. Of the many Colony Ships that were launched, one got struck by an unknown glitch, that steered them away from the pre planned path. Because the journey would take many years, everyone was put in cryostasis, so nobody could counter the glitch. The silent space drifter eventually ended up  in the future, like it was nothing. [How, you ask? It’s one of the great unknowns. Every universe has one]. The ship automatically ends up making an emergency landing on a nearby planet. Crew is released from cryo years later, when the ship’s energy hit a critical low. Fast forwards several years more and the survivors (including many scientists and astronomers) figured out their current (and new) location, which will also remain a secret for now. Because of this finding, they got a rough estimate of the time they’ve been asleep. They slowly start colonizing once they discover that they could never go back, or contact anyone they left behind. They ended up with a lovely place of their own and things went swimmingly, planning to continue their interstellar colonization"

So there you have it. You guys or in the know… sorta, kinda. If you think everything I said sounded vague, Sorry. I did my best to keep a good balance between ‘giving a decent impression’ and ‘not giving to much away’. There’s just so much information that I sometimes get lost in words, while explaining my project to someone. But I think this explanation turned out okay for now.
65% complete
Chapter 2: The man continued his journey, carrying bags filled with tools. His back was hunched as he climbed the steps of creativity. From yonder came another group of people with smiles upon their faces. Smiles that could light up the darkest of darknesses. They stripped him from his bags and followed him up the stairs. A tear was shed while his back grew straight. He started taking bigger steps, but slipped and hurt his ankle. He took normal steps again.

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