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No way you actually bought A TIER! For this you get some AMAZING REWARDS, 

You get my phone number and also my epic or psn username! Also you get a picture of something that i drew! Tell me your phone number!

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Welp you have just given me 5  dollars you think that is to much?!??!!?!??!!??!!

Welp you get alot of rewards

Ill do anything you want me to do ill send you the clip and you can do whatever you want with it! (Nothing innopropriate or dangerouse!) Also all other rewards!

No way 10 dollars!?!?!?!?
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This is one of the  best ones here you go,

You get a shoutout by me and also another subscriber for your youtube channel or another twitch follower! Aldo all other rerewards because you are worth my time!




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Welp I guess you heard about me.... well trying to beg for money. Well that is exactly what I am doing. So if you can make a donation it would greatly be appreciated! You get some darn good rewards for doing it to, I mean im trying to get your money so I am going to say alot. But to make it short , love ya thanks for your time and stay awesome bros!
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