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About FudgeMerchant

I enjoy live streaming, gaming, being weird as heck, and puppers. Just as well, I have a knack for creating pixel art.

While I may not be the greatest, I see that my art seems to strive a bit away from the "meta" way of doing things. No sense in doing it just like everyone else amirite? Anyway, I was recently contacted by some customers at Fudge Cafe (my twitch home) and had been asked if I would do commissions.

While hesitant at first, I ended up taking the offers and have found them to be quite enjoyable challenges. If you want to send me a request, go for it! I can't guarantee It'll be good though, but I'll try at least.

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5 is a great start for us. I think if I can see that 5 people that actually support me on this, the motivation to create larger scale pixels will be possible.
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