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About FunkleBunkle YouTube Explosion Fund

We are two goons who plan on taking over the world someday with a bunch of peanuts, a rubber band, and six different species of ducks...but until then we are gonna just play video games and make people laugh, but sometimes you gotta have some cheddar to put into the wheels of life to get some of those high quality gut busters to the world via video. So if you help, trust us, we will love you till the end of time. AND IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT US WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY...we will still love you but Dennis the duck will give you the stink eye sometimes
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CONGRATS YOU HAVE ENTERED THE FUNBUN RECIPE. Its...its not a real oven... BUT THANK YOU! You get a cool new role in the Discord to show off that you support us!
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Dough Batter
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You'll receive access to an unlisted piece of content for your eyes only, plus all previous rewards.
Doughy Buns
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You will receive a desktop background of us in weird poses. Like they will be all waaaaahhhhh?!
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We will say whatever you want into a voice recording (barring racial slurs and overtly offensive topics) and send you that custom voice message recording just for you, also we will sing you a happy birthday message on your birthday, plus all previous rewards. AND you will be an official FUNBUN in the Discord server!!
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Um...if you made it this far we crap we didn't plan for this uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we will send you a FunkleBunkle t-shirt (one time only), plus all previous rewards.
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$0 of $100 per month
A 12 hour livestream will be held!
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