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your name, should you choose, will be given credit at the end of each video as thanks for your support!
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Hey, what's up everybody, we are FunwiththeGun!  We are a father and son shooting variety channel based out of Southern California.  Recently with the adpocalypse on youtube, many "controversial content" creators have seen their ad revenue drop to a level that makes what they do unsustainable.  We were no different.  So we're asking you, the fine people who watch our youtube channel and enjoy our content, to help us give youtube the one fingered wave, and support us.  By supporting us, you are supporting your constitutional rights and telling Big Media that they are no longer in full control.  Thank you for your support in making what we do possible.
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With this amount, we will be able to continue making our videos, and product reviews far into the future.  We will continue to hone our craft, and continually update our style in an effort to always make better videos.  That means higher production quality, better equipment, and a continued effort to inform in an entertaining manner. 
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