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About Team Furox

Team Furox alongside with The JCafe is currently running a community modded minecraft server for the Oceanic gaming scene, particularly focusing to relive tension and let everybody relax with other players within your community. The more money we receive the more people can come together and have fun! We have big plans for this server and will continue to collaborate with other people to continue to improve the experience for everyone!

We are running Feed the Beast (FTB) with the Infinity Evolved modpack. We are running over 170 of your favorite mods with server hosting in Sydney. Whether you are new to Minecraft or an experienced veteran, you are invited to get involved. 

Feed the Beast:
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You get the cred. Seriously, your name will get in the credits as a huge thank you being on my team, plus all previous rewards. We will shout you out on our social media!
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We will give you an in-depth look into Team Furox. This will inlcude a tour of how we operate, you can meet the players and have your own channel in our TeamSpeak for the month! + the previous benefits.
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You will recieve your own personalized graphics package specially designed for you! The opportunity to play a game with one of our current active rosteres in your chosen game. + the previous benefits.
$0 of $30 per month
With $30 per month, we will guarantee the FTB Minecraft server will continue to operate lag free  for everyone that wants to on the server! 
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