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Access to the patron-only feed which includes behind-the-scenes video and text updates on the next video and outtakes.

If we get to 30 patrons, I will create a Discord server.

And of course "adblock absolution" made famous by CGP Grey. Make watching my videos with an adblocker a guilt-free experience!

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All of the above +

You will receive early access to my scripts and have the ability to not only know what the next video is about, but make comments about it that I may use to edit the script. I will also add your name/username to a special thank you section in my video description credits.

Plus get a FutureNow logo sticker.

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Your name (or Twitter/YouTube name) in the end screen of every video while you are still a patron as a thank you for making it possible.




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About FutureNow

The future is now and I want to tell you about it. I've been making videos on YouTube for over 10 years on various channels, but this is my first real shot at professional quality content to reach a large audience of intellectuals, enthusiasts, futurists, and curious nerds like me. 

My videos are focused on discussing how our world is changing through technology and shifts in our society and exploring what we can do to adapt and what we have to look forward to. 

Why am I seeking your support on Patreon? 
The videos I make take a tremendous amount of time to produce and I love making them, but at the moment I'm unable to increase the amount and quality of content I make with the resources I have. I spend hours in my free time for my job researching, then writing a script, recording the audio, editing, and animating each video. I only recently began generating a small amount from Google AdSense, but you need hundreds of thousands of views to generate any meaningful income. But because I am determined to make the best videos possible, I have thus far invested in a professional microphone and other video gear, better editing software, and a subscription service to a stock footage site called Videoblocks. 

Where will your money go and what do I get for supporting the channel?
Well, first of all, I don't want this Patreon page to be seen as a donation. I hope to provide value to all my Patreon supporters through supplementary materials like copies of my scripts, bloopers, behind-the-scenes update videos, and potentially some merch depending on your level of support. I am open to your ideas as well, what do you want to see on here? I plan to use a significant portion of my Patreon earnings to cover costs associated with the channel such as:

  • Upgrade video gear to shoot more original footage
  • Access to a larger library of high quality footage and photography
  • Travel to record videos on-location
  • License music for videos
  • Hire some part-time help such as an audio engineer, researcher, and graphic designer

I want FutureNow to grow into my full-time job.
I know that seems like a wild idea at this point, but I think it's possible with your support. Not just through Patreon, but through fostering a community around this channel that loves to discuss society, technology, and the future. But making this my full-time job means there are certain expenses I would like to have covered before I can jump into dedicating 100% of my time to this channel. Those two main expenses are rent and my monthly student loan payment from my degree in Film & Media Arts. If you love my videos, I hope you'll consider becoming a supporter on Patreon so that I can eventually put out videos every week instead of every month (or less often) as I'm doing right now. Let's go on this wild journey together – I'll see you in the future!
$17 of $100 per video
I will be able to increase the quality of my videos through access to new stock footage and music libraries.
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