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About Jes & Chelle

 Welcome to FuwaFuwa Studio!  

Meet the Studio Members:
Jes:  A wife, gamer, and freelance artist. Since childhood Jes has always loved drawing, coloring, and creating characters and creatures. She started painting graphic designs for Twitch streamers and her commissions have extended to other business media.

Chelle: A wife, mom of two little girls, gamer, and amateur coder. Chelle began playing video games as early as two years of age, and she's always dreamt of programming her own. She uses C++ programming and the Unity engine to assemble projects.

We met through a mutual friend and became fast friends, both fans of games, art, and cats. We're both very creative, talented in both similar and different fields, and we enjoy many of the same video games. We've struck up an ambitious scheme to share an immersive world and dream game.

Our Journey: We endeavor to forge a vibrant world from the ground up to share with others. We've combined our natural talents to do just that.

Store: Apparel and accessories supplied through Teespring. The latest items feature our first project, a Pong clone featuring our cats, PAWng! 

Please follow our Instagrams for frequent updates!
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