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About GAVIN 21202

This is Gavin 21202 aka Gavin Orlandi. The whole reason I am doing this whole Patreon idea is so I can start to earn some money so I can do more fan giveaways, new equipment to improve my videos (audio and quality), and for a way to improve the way that I interact with you guys. I am on a mission to build my YouTube channel up to unbelievable heights. I am not saying that you have to donate to me but what I am saying is that anything would help and anyone who donates will be forever in my heart. I hope to build YouTube up to be my job for many years to come and I need you guys to help me make this lifelong dream into a reality. My YouTube channel description is as followed...

Here on this YouTube channel is where I bring you all of the latest WWE news, podcasts, live hangouts, rumors, headlines, and updates on everything WWE. As well as many vlogs, gaming videos, action figure customizing, WWE Predictions, and even insane pranks. This is the channel to find all of the news on backstage developments, shocking news, predictions, and breaking news on all of your favorite WWE superstars and legends. Every video that is uploaded on this YouTube channel including any WWE news, rumors, headlines, or updates is just me providing you with my views and opinion on that specific topic.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my Patreon page. I really appreciate it and to anyone who donates they will be rewarded in some way, shape, or form in my upcoming videos. So once again thank you so much and I love you all.
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When I hit $100 per month my YouTube channel will be reached to new heights together we will be more united than ever. The higher we reach together the better chance I have of being able to stay on YouTube and keep doing what I love until I move onto the career of becoming a professional wrestler.
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