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is creating A soccer team in St. Cloud, MN
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The only tier we have. $2/month for season tickets and the royal treatment at our games.  This price will never go up! You will get free gear, get to meet the players, voting rights, get to help pick out jerseys, all sorts of fun things, it will be like you are part owner!




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About Granite City

Soccer is growing in the United States. Our national team just missed the world cup for the first time for many of our younger fans. We need promotion and relegation. We need lower level clubs to produce our younger talent like European clubs. Granite City is bringing a team that does all of this to St. Cloud, MN. For the price of a paper, you can help this happen. Thank you so much for reading!
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We want 20 fans in St. Cloud interested in supporting a soccer team in the UPSL (division 4, with promotion possibility). You will have a host at the club and have input in the club decisions!

We very much want to push promotion and relegation in the United States!
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