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About GGsChicken Translations

Hey guys! I go by GGsChicken, one of my longtime internet monikers.

After hearing about how unfortunate the PaRappa fandom has been in waiting for a translation of the 2001 TV anime, I've decided to try and remedy the situation by translating and subbing it!

Since I'll be doing this leisurely on the side, my aim is to finish one episode every 3-4 days. I'll be releasing the translations+subtitles for each episode as .srt files.

The link to directly download the RAW episodes that I'll be using can be found after following the instructions at this link:

I really appreciate you guys supporting me in this endeavor, and I'm sure that the entire Parappa fanbase will (maybe unknowingly) be thankful to you in the future!
$15 of $125 per one translated and subtitled video
Once we hit this goal, I'll begin translating and creating the subs for episodes 5-12 and 14-30 of the 2001 TV anime, PaRappa the Rapper.
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