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So you LOVE anime and hearing us talk about it, but you're still itching for more.  What if YOU could be an anime character??  That's right!  Just take a look at our banner, you could be Anime-ized (working on a better term, help me out people) too.  

If you spend $10 a month you will get all of the rewards of the previous two tiers PLUS we will send you a full-color anime version of yourself!  (See more information below)  This means you get:

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Details on how to become an anime character:

After signing up for this tier email us a picture of yourself.  Make sure it's clear and shows you from the shoulders up (it's a close-up from shoulders up like in our banner, perfect for social media profile pics!).  We'll let you know we received the pic and you'll have it in a week or two sent via the same email you sent the initial pic.

*Camera shy? No problem!  Sent a picture of your cat or dog instead!  Or a best friend's picture instead, with their consent.

*Want us to make an adjustment to the drawing?  That's ok too!  Just shoot us an email and we will revise the drawing once based on your request.

Really it's the reward that keeps on giving.  The picture is exclusively yours after you receive it. BUT if you want us to share it with the world we won't say no.  If you have any other questions about this tier you can always reach us at [email protected] 




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Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or just testing the waters it’s not always easy to navigate through the ever-growing anime world. With so few hours in the day who can choose from the hundreds of new releases, or those old classics you may have missed. We've seen so many animes we can’t always keep track. This is where our podcast comes in. Each week we discuss a different anime movie or show, and keep you posted on the latest and greatest anime news (new shows, video games, live action films, you name it). Newcomers, welcome! If you’re already a listener, thanks for listening! Here’s your chance to help us grow.

Meet the hosts, John and Bridgette.

Our Food Wars cosplay at ComicCon 2016.

We’re a dynamic duo of all things nerdy. Between the two of us we love it all from video games, Sci-Fi and Marvel to Art History, NASA and British television. But really, what could be more enjoyable to podcast about than Anime? We even have the occasional guest, more anime enthusiasts like ourselves.  As our friend Blake says, If you have this episode without me “hell will rain upon you”. Don’t worry, he was our very first guest.

Every episode we give you a general synopsis of the anime before we get into the ‘deep stuff’. This is where we have debates, discuss our favorite characters and pose questions to our listeners.  We'd love to hear from you so hit us up on social media!

Give us a listen on SoundcloudiTunes, and GooglePlay and see what we're all about.  There's an anime for everyone and it's our goal to help you find the one perfect for you!  We're grateful for your support. Together with your help, we'll unite the seven Dragon Balls and make our wish to be the best anime podcast out there!

(Special thanks to Antkonio for the awesome intro tune!)
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$15 a month is the cost to stream our episodes on Soundcloud. We'd also like to earn back the money spent on equipment.  Help us keep the lights on!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts

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