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About GK Comics

GK Comics is a COLLECTIVE you can find us at www.GKcomics.com!

An independent comics collective helping underground artists thrive by promoting their work and content. We also publish many of those who are featured on our site-often this content is funded by our dedicated patrons.

Becoming a patron allows us to expand and gives new artists a chance to thrive in a competitive market. The more patronage the more books we can move to print and the more unique content & extras we can create.

In addition there are many chores and fees to keeping a company running, you help us with that burden so we can continue entertaining.

Patreon is a website that allows you to invest in
indie creators like us. You can donate as little as a dollar a
month which ends up only being $12 a year! 

 Becoming a patron, yields many rewards, including:
  • Bonus behind the scenes content
  • Early access to pages
  • HD pages
  • Special bonus' during the year
  • Early access to demos of our products 
  • Donate $3 or more and gain access to download HD PDFs of each of our books for free! 
  • AND MORE!!!

Every week at www.gryphonknights.com, we are delivering new pages of stories. We are updating our weekly blog with articles and op-eds involving our experience and comics as a whole. 
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$50 a month takes care of our costs for webhosting, and our subscription with A2 hosting. This helps us establish an online store where credit card and Paypal transactions can happen safely. We can sell Gryphon Knights comics and merchandise, and people don't have to be concerned with security when visiting. We will also be able to provide 1 page a week guaranteed!
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