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  I will do a personal shout out in my next upcoming video with your social media names, by this your name will bee seen by all the people who watches my video.

Again Thank you for your support.

Nutrition talk.
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 I often get the question "How and what do you eat to be this big but still be ripped?". For $15, I'll offer a 30 minute - 1 hour facetime session for nutrition, food challenge, or fitness advice!  
Unique food challenge.
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 Since I enjoy these challenges let´s spicy it up a little bit. I let you decide what my next food challenge is going to be, what I gonna eat and destroy. To be honest I´m actually excitet about this myself. :D




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About GL Physique

What´s up and welcome to my page. 
You probably found it via YouTube since I have a channel there and doing things like 
-Eating challenges
-Fitness workouts and tips
-Entertaining vlogs 

For the people who don´t know me I´m a medical student currently studying in Romania
but I also in love with fitness and sports. This is mainly what you can find on my channel, if you haven´t seen it go and check it out and I see you in my next video.
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You probably wonder why I set the goal so low, don´t worry this is just one small goal on my entire journey. There is more coming and we together gonna be bigger and better than ever. 
Let´s see if we can reach it.
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