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About The GM's Alcove

What is the 'The GM's Alcove' about? 
Hi, everyone! I am Kurt Brown - GM Fritz. I am a writer, musician, cartographer, and avid gamer for over 30+ years. I have been making entertaining hobby related videos since 2012, and loving it! The GM's Alcove is the culmination of my passion for this hobby, allowing me to share my hobby experience in an informative and fun way. I am constantly improving both the variety and quality of my content, and offering my services as a pay-to-play GM/DM has helped to support my efforts. As a solo venture on my part, the GM's Alcove has become more demanding of both my time and resources. This is where Patreon comes in.

My goal is to inform, entertain, and bring exposure to the creative hobby of gaming in all its forms.

What Does Your Patreon Support do, and How Can You Join the GM's Alcove Community?
As I spend more time dedicated to the GM's Alcove, your Patreon contribution helps me to:  

  • research, script, video, upload, and edit a video production; 
  • maintain and improve video software/hardware quality;
  • enable me to offer visual and PDF content - such as adventures, maps, scenarios, settings, rules, etc.;  
  • host frequent livestreams of PAINT & CHATS, hobby discussions, and actual game sessions - which supporters and viewers can partake in; 
  • host how-to and Q&A live streams on technical issues to help others make quality hobby videos;
  • host top-notch gaming sessions for supporters of the channel and elsewhere to participate in - including many popular game systems, one-shots, and campaigns. 

Besides supporting my efforts here at the GM's Alcove, Patreon has also given me a way to say thanks by offering special content to my supporters. Note that I have quite a few options for donations, each with some fun rewards. Just find the one that is most attractive and easiest for you. All the support I get - big, or small - is worth the world to me.

Remember to have a look at my current ‘Rewards’, which is my way of saying thank you for becoming a member of 'The GM's Alcove' community. As a backer and supporter you will have access to exclusive content seen only on Patreon. Stay tuned for updates on these rewards, as I will be offering new and exciting ones as I make progress with my goals. Together, we can make this community become one of the best out there for promoting and bringing exposure to this wonderful hobby of ours - be it wargaming, RPGs, painting miniatures, crafting terrain, or playing games online!

Note: game sessions - both one shots and campaigns - are offered as rewards. You will be able to join in on these - limited to a first come, first serve basis -  as they become available.

And remember, you can terminate your monthly donation at any time, or simply make a one time donation if you want.

    Thanks, everyone - Your support means the world to me.
See you at the table, 
Kurt - GM Fritz

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My first goal is to produce at least four quality videos a month. This milestone will help free up more time to achieve this.
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