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About Dr. Melissa Sell • German New Medicine Mental Wellness

Greetings Knowledge Seeker!
  • Are you interested in new theories about how the body functions?
  • Are you fascinated by embryology and evolution?
  • Do you enjoy pondering the incredible power of the human mind?
  • Do you believe that the human body is mysteriously wonderful?
  • Do you believe that asking new questions and trying on new perspectives is the key to furthering our grasp of what it is to be human
If you're screaming YES at your screen by now you are in the perfect corner of the internet.

My page is all about the quest to understand the human body, health, and the cause of disease. In my videos, I reveal the knowledge I have accumulated over 10+ years of studying the root cause of all illness.

Just a little bit about me: I am 31 years old, I graduated chiropractic school in 2012, I've practiced in 3 different states, I love all things health and wellness, I left full-time chiropractic practice to start an online life/mindset coaching company with my partner/boyfriend Dr. Steven Ravnstag called Ever Better (everbetterlifeuniversity.com), we created and teach The Ever Better Life Course: 10 Module Online Master Course in Understanding How Your Mind Works, we have a sweet & wonderful chocolate lab (Olaf aka The Schmol), we love the mountains, adventure, and have fun every single day.

I have been obsessed with GNM ever since I serendipitously discovered it while watching a video of Dr. Carolyn Dean discussing the many benefits of magnesium supplementation. I have explored the available content and I believe that my interpretation and teaching skills will enhance understanding and utilization of the science of GNM. I want to help to spread this invaluable information to as many people and practitioners as possible.

Please consider supporting me as I create amazing content for you!

Love and Thanks,
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The 5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine is the future of healthcare. Every individual needs to know how their perception of the world is influencing how their body is behaving. Let's start by becoming a strong group of 50 people who are passionate about the 5 Biological Laws and grow the community from there!
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