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Hello and welcome to our official Patreon page! G.P.L Films is dedicate to high quality, low budget filmmaking.

Our work ranges from stop motion animation:
Transformers: War of the Matrix - Season Two - (Stop Motion Series)

To original, live-action features:





You have all been so wonderful and supportive of this channels content and I can't thank you enough! As of now, there has been little to no funding for any of my content. I have many years of ideas, both live-action and especially Transformers related.  Several years ago, I was struggling. Struggling for a creative outlet, for an audience, for a direction. It was bad. Then... I kept seeing Autobot and Decepticon insignias everywhere I looked. Mainly on passing cars. Like some kinda sign. So I sat down, revisiting old ideas for Transformers related stories. Ultimately deciding on remaking my unfinished "WAR OF THE MATRIX(2008)" series from middle school. I uploaded the video, and gradually more and more people tuned in like I never knew before. The fact you all tune in for my shows is beyond moving. It's a dream come true! Even the smallest donation can provide a cushion for the channel. Going towards new figures for potential spinoff stories and...well...food. Thank you all so much and God bless! Perks start at just $1
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Shoutouts Galore!
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One dollar a month will unlock a credit/shoutout at the end of each video. 
Special Access!
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In addition to the $1 perk, three dollars will unlock three day early access to the ongoing webseries: 

Transformers: War of the Matrix !

Behind the scenes!
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Ever wanted to see how our videos are created? Well now you can with this Patreon bi-monthly look behind the scenes! 

Pick your scene!
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In addition to previous awards, for ten dollars, I will reenact your favorite single movie/television(around or under a minute long) scene using Transformers figures every month! You pick, and I'LL DO IT!

The full package!
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With this tier, you get all the above mentioned perks! Along with a google drive containing all our produced Transformers scripts as well as various production stills!
$15 of $100 per month

When we reach $100 per month, I will remake the entire 1986 Transformers film in stop motion animation.
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