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About GRAnimated

Hi, I am GRAnimated. You probably found me from my YouTube channel. Here, you can give me money, to get rewards, and that money goes towards getting better stuff so I can continue making these in the future. To do so, just click the payment button, and choose how much you would like to. Note paying more, grants more rewards!
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Help me for the future!
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You'll be able to get access the secret patreon channel on my discord.

You will also be able to request a video idea, animation, or a game mod I should do.

At the end of each video, you will be mentioned until you stop paying.
Includes Discord rewards
Play-test my mods for games!
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With this, you will be able to see the behind the scenes for whatever I'm working on, and you'll also get all the rewards for $1. With this award, on discord I will answer questions about modding or hacking for you.
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Get access to my secret discord channel when you need help.
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By doing this, you can chat with me whenever you want, and ask for help if you need some, whether that be a video, mod, or an animation. You'll also get all the previous rewards mentioned.
Includes Discord rewards
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When I reach 15 patreons, I will add a brand new reward, with much more abilities.
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