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With this tier you will gain access to the Patreon only Minecraft server currently on 1.13.2!

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Hey there!!

Thank you so much for stopping by my Patreon page, my name is Grizzly and I am a Content Creator primarily on YouTube and I occasionally stream on Twitch.

I love playing a variety of games from Minecraft all the way to Call Of Duty. I love playing Minecraft to escape from every day problems because It allows me to be creative and really allow myself to share my thoughts into a digital game. I'm a massive fan of the Call of duty:Zombies franchise, when it is relevant I like to stream and post content relating to this.

Why Patreon?

At this point I would love to start pushing out more and more Minecraft content as our community grows I am just so inspired to keep making videos and streaming with all of you! Donations through Patreon will go directly into improving the quality of the content as well as eventually allowing me to create content more often!

Also, I am working on a community Vanilla Minecraft Server for all of you amazing fans! I'm super excited to be able to play with you all moving forwards, you can see more information on how to get access through the Patreon Reward tiers!
Don't feel obligated to support me here on Patreon but I am thankful for everything you can donate to help me continue my dream of producing gaming content!
My main goal with my channels is to make someone's day brighter and to spread happiness and joy for others to feel inspired from. We have all been in a place where we feel alone and sad so my community along with many others will be helping anyone with those problems. I love you all! <3
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Quality of Life Upgrade
When I reach this goal I will reinvest it back into my hardware to upgrade stream. This being a stream deck, a greenscreen and also good lighting and audio equipment.
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