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About G. S. Davis

Hello! I'm G.S. Davis, I'm an illustrator and a Storyteller! I am the author of the webcomics "Witches Of Flame" http://www.gsdavisart.com/witches-of-flame/ and "Bellatrix Rising"  http://www.gsdavisart.com/bellatrix-rising/ I also periodically write a strip called "Springs" which you can find here: http://www.gsdavisart.com/springs/ . I'm also the author of the adventures of the Destroyer Tamerlane http://www.gsdavisart.com/uss-tamerlane/. I've been writing stories for about 20 years. 

My stories are totally free and will remain so, naturally.  That won't change. Perhaps you want to support the cause? Or maybe you are interested in hearing the story BEHIND the story! Hey, perhaps you want to chat with me!  This is the place for that. 

Thank you.
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