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Hi, who are you guys?
We're Mo and Imran and we make up Gaming Till Disconnected (GTD). We review PC hardware like motherboards, graphics cards and we also review laptops, PCs and monitors.

We tirelessly benchmark the tech we get in, at different resolutions and at different graphics quality with the latest games and system benchmarks.

We even do benchmarks for multi-card set-ups and we'll soon be adding 4K tests.

Even without 4K benchmarks, our reviews take about 60-80hrs to produce from start to finish.

Here is one of our hardware reviews just so you can see the production value:-

But due to how long it takes to produce one of these videos, we end up uploading about one video every 3-4 weeks.

To get 1 video review up every 8 days, we need to work on this full time and with your help, we can achieve this.

If I had some change how could I help you guys?
Now that we have a Patron page you can pledge as little as you want or as much as you want for as long as you want (bearing in mind we want to do this forever because we love hearing how you like what we have to say). Just click the orange 'Become a Patron' button which is on the left of our Patreon Page. Don't worry our reviews are free and will always be free.

Your attention is wanted
Any generosity is appreciated
Your love is reciprocated

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This will allow us to quit our day jobs so we can bring you the best tech reviews more often.
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