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About Geeks World Wide

Since 2009, Geeks World Wide has been community-driven with the goal of giving everyone an opportunity to express their opinion on video games and comics. With a volunteer group of more than 50 writers, podcasters and streamers, we see Patreon as an opportunity to spread the word to thousands of more geeks around the world! 

Creating this Patreon page has given us an opportunity to reflect upon the past several years that we've been working together. It's incredible what we've been able to accomplish. We've held incredible interviews with some of geek-cultures most influential people. Such as, Greg Miller, Scott Snyder, Colin Moriarty, and David Brevik. DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Lenovo, Razer and other publishers trust us with early-access content, exclusive reviews and first-takes with new computer hardware. We've come a long way running solely on sheer passion for our biggest hobbies. 

As our community members know, GWW strives to be ad-free on our website and on all of our 12 podcasts. With your help, we can accomplish this and more: a refreshed website, improved podcasting and streaming gear, and a faster server for the website.

Being a Patron, at any tier level, would provide this organization with the resources needed to further expand our reach and grow our community. Thank you for this opportunity to work closely with you.
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