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Hello, and welcome to my Patron page! My name is Gadget and I run a YouTube channel called Gadget Gaming. I like to play video games and some day I want to be able to make video games myself but until then I want to share my enthusiasm by creating gameplay videos and sharing them with the world. I may be a very small channel and some might see it as just 'another person trying to get big on YouTube' and sure, who wouldn't like to be known for doing what they love but I just want to share my enjoyment and inspire others to do great things.

Unfortunately money is required to make money to survive in this world. All donations will go towards giving back to the community whether it be giving to charity or equipment for creating better quality content.

I would like to thank everyone for their support.
- Gadget
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  • With this goal I will be able to release 1 video every week instead of once a fortnight.
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