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Supporting this tier means I am required to only drink water matching the support donated to help me and my cause. I will put your name on the bottle and show you that is all I am  May be a live drink, may be a timelapse video.  But Your name you provide with the donation and personal thank yous will be mentioned for your support
I will have the people around me verifying that is all I am drinking thanks to your support drinking I won't be able to drink anything else till I drank one 8oz water for each dollar raised for support of my health, channel, and well being.   Example 100 supporters at $1.00 = 100 8oz bottles of water before anything else can be drank.  Which will help with my diabetes and my addiction to soda.  
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Hope is alive.  Thank you for joining the gam3r4lif3 channel and supporting thy channel. Want to see your patreon name in the game and know its your name and not just someone else with the same name.  This will do it!!!  
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HEY  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls from around the world.  

Welcome to Gam3r4lif3DJ's Patreon page

I really like being a You-Tube creator.  I like trying to create entertainment for others to enjoy.  But I need your help to make channel better and to do more entertaining videos.  I need major support to help improve my well being. Help kicking diabetes to the curb before it starts costing an arm and a leg literally.  It is very expensive to eat and drink healthy.  And when you are addicted to Soda all your life.  And fast food places habits are really hard to brake.  Your support will not only help my health, but it will also improve my channel 10 fold.  I will share videos with how your support has helped, what changes it has help me made to bring you better content.  Your support only costs a dollar minimum start with my water challenge or my base goal if you can. I will make things to show my appreciation for your support. You help me get better and I bring you more and more videos.

 What Do I Need Your Help With?

Since the goverment ended my 15 year career of truck driving.  I  have decided to get serious with making videos and trying to bring new entertaining content to you  And As some of you already know, I make gaming videos. (If you don't know, here are few just to name Transport Fever, Cities Skylines, SimCity 2013, Planet Coaster, Banished, Fallout 4, Last of Us, GTA V,ONI,Tropico 5, Age of empires III, FS17, Minecraft, and many many more.) I play towards mostly city building games.  Fallout 4 and The Last of Us are a couple exceptions.  They have something about them I find enjoyable. LOL  Well Fallout 4 does have settlement builds. It isn't just shoot every one in sight (COD) and when you get done, come back tomorrow and do it all over again and again.  Fun for others, even great fun, but not for me. 

During my driving career I started making videos here and there.  But I never became consistent.  Because of financial reasons and health reasons.  But now that I haven't been able to do what I love and know, driving truck.  I am falling back to my second favorite thing to do.  Using computers and cameras.  I really want to make animation videos on top of making gaming videos.  But those take lots of moneys and time and dedication  I also make videos on news stories, health, life, my life, and several other topics.

Today I shoot myself in the foot looking at other creators who have stayed committed and focused on their channel. who I became fans of myself back in their infancy days and today they are at a size I still dream about with their success at making entertaining videos stuff for people to enjoy. 
And I just think thought could have been me playing games and making great content with some of the now known greats of you tube..  

Well people are always telling me to take care of myself first. Take care of my health, happiness, enjoyments.  Which is something I am horrible at.  I have always done what others say to do for the most part. I even took a job at Cedar point because it allowed me to drive 25 to 75% of the day depending on how busy the hotels and cabins were.  But when I wasn't driving I was in misery for one reason or another.  The work was fairly simple and easy. I think it should not have bothered me, but all I could think about is:  I should have been a cowboy.   So near end of 2018 I am trying to get serious about doing what I love second most since the government says no to driving.    

That is where you all come in:  I NEED YOUR HELP!!

I am asking for help so I can bring you more entertainment with my video game plays, more news stories, with my common sense approach, more life and health videos, more my life videos, and hopefully some animation down the road. and many other types of videos. Hopefully for your enjoyment as well as mine for making them  My channel is still in it's infancy.  I hope to change that soon with your help.  As a lot of you might probably know, You-Tube has made it extremely hard to make a living off of them with ads.  With all the new rules and cut backs to make their sponsors happy.  They pretty much said I can still spend hours if not days makeing free content for You-Tube's platform but we not going to reward you till you begin making a quota at bare minimum. We are taking a way your rights to monetize your videos till you get over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. Which sucked donkey but because,  I was almost at their hundred dollar thresh hold to get my first ad sense check from you tube. (Ok, Ok, Ok, I was only half way there, but still)  

.  So if you'd help out here I will bring you new content and hopefully develop special things just for my patreons. I will make videos here showing what your support is doing to help my channel and help improve my life.  I want to maybe figure out if it is legal to have giveaways and give back to my patreons when my channel gets good enough.   Also if you would like to see your name in my games please subscribe and donate.  Also you can make special requests and I will try to oblige.   So please Help me do this full time and really get bringing you some what I hope to be, amazing videos.  I want to be free to create videos.   i Just want to be able to research new ideas for new videos.  Going to bring new videos every few days.  The more help the more videos.  I typically spend 2 or 3 days making a video editing them trying top come up with things to add to them.  With patreons I hope to cut that in half with better business equipment for live streaming, editing, and posting.   Ideas welcomed.  

To live the dream and Help save a life!

I LOVE making videos, I LOVE playing games and most of all I LOVE entertaining people. It's my passion and I'm sure if you've watched any of my videos you already know that. I want to carry on being a full time YouTube creator. Can you help me to continue living my dream and bringing you better entertainment Cost as little as a dollar!!!! Will figure ways to say thank you in future videos for your support
$0 of $500 per month
 No added Sugar foods

Wow, thanks
  This goal is to help me buy better food to help improve my life before I get my limbs ambutaed, go blind, or worse  Truly healthy food seems to be real expensive.   I need to be eating foods without added sugar.  
Reaching this goal. Would shock me.   I will do videos with your names thanking you and showing you how your support is helping.I don't know how I would act.  I know I would definitely be a step closer to doing more videos and hopefully improving on them
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