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With enough support we will o
pen a new indie game development studio and offer you FREE GAMES FOREVER!

and much more
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Normally when you pledge $1 in a crowd funded campaign, you get a basic reward that says:
‘Hey, thanks for that. You should now have a warm fuzzy feeling inside for backing us.’

Well, we’re not all rich and for some of us it can be hard to get a dollar.
But if we can play games, even on really old hardware, we can probably also scrape together $1 for something we think is really worth it.
To hopefully make you want to invest $1 or more, I have decided to offer you so much, that you might feel almost foolish not to get involved.
From our point of view, it's simple maths: everyone invests $1 or more and we can achieve incredible things together.
From your point of view, this $1 should be the best value you have seen in years.
Everyone gains from this approach.
I know that a $1 pledge has to really mean something to you.
And so it will!

  • Become an early investor in a brand new indie game development studio, where you get (assuming milestone reached)
    • a free copy of every game our dev studio ever makes (Early Backer Bonus)
    • a rare Early Backer badge on Game-Debate (Early Backer Bonus)
    • early game access - to all our game beta versions (Early Backer Bonus)
    • access to game development blogs (Early Backer Bonus)
    • voting privileges during content review (Early Backer Bonus)
    • invite to live game development feedback sessions (Early Backer Bonus)
  • Remove all site ads on Game-Debate
  • Access to our Private Backers Area, to read development blogs
  • All new Pledger Badge on Game-Debate (so everyone knows that you make stuff happen)
  • Invited into live backer feedback sessions to discuss how we grow and develop
  • Automatic entry into the Backers' Monthly Hardware Giveaway Lotto (assuming milestone reached)
  • Warm fuzzy feeling - cus you know you’re getting AWESOME sh1t
So please ask your partner, parent, sibling, friends for permission to invest $1 or more, so that you know your future will be more awesome.

AND - thats only the $1 tier.
Please check out all of our rewards below to see the cool stuff you can choose to get involved with. Every single dollar will make a BIG difference.

Our rewards are for people who want to get involved in their gaming future. In doing so we can remove the need for ads, offer far more tools & content, while also giving you lots of exclusive rewards, extras and gaming benefits along the way. But rest assured our current website and tools will stay as they are, free to use and enjoy.

Game-Debate (also known as GD) is a hugely popular indie PC gaming & hardware site and it is something that I am incredibly proud of. It has grown from a single person's vision, into one of the biggest and friendliest online communities in the world. I am not elaborating either, it really is incredibly friendly.
We make online tools that regularly save people a lot of money, while also helping people learn too. We educate and simplify the purchase of PC hardware upgrades and games. With your backing we will take this to the next level, creating even more advanced PC hardware gaming performance analysis tools and then on to incredible game development projects.

These imaginative tools and the core of the design behind our awesome community, comes from my understanding of what people want.
It may come as a surprise for some to hear, that this “understanding” derives largely from my decades of tabletop role-playing with friends.
The role-playing concept all began with a great man called Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons. And so you could say that GD is just another little gem that became possible thanks to my hero, Gary Gygax.
I love DMing. Simultaneously guiding a group of people, each of whom have their own motives, through an interesting story, that I would deliver to the party on the fly. Pre-planning, second guessing their actions and tweaking rule sets to create a more engaging experience for each person at the table. Very challenging, very rewarding, very fun.
Nowadays many computer games have “RPG” embedded within their genre category. This is because they have some form of XP and leveling system built in, to help a player understand their progression and relate them to their current gaming achievement. While essential, very few push beyond this.

Help us reach our top milestone, so we can open a new game developer studio, to offer a new class of story driven games. Together we will build on these fundamental RPG principles, delivering dynamic narrative throughout our games and put rich role-playing experiences in front of you. Choice and consequence will matter, whether you are playing a sci-fi action game or fantasy realm management title.

Game-Debate has attracted a huge, thriving community, where people share their knowledge and interest in gaming and PC hardware.
I pay for website maintenance, hosting and new development with money from advertising. But this approach to funding feels almost out-of-date in today's online world of adblockers and spammy, irrelevant ads. Advert revenue continues to decrease rapidly, while advertisers ask for more and offer less.

But I still have tonnes of new ideas to develop! And while there is already a community of brilliant people enjoying the imaginative features that are available for free, I couldn't help but think...

It's time to change our approach to funding.

We make our content for you (PC gamers, tech enthusiasts and newcomers to the wonderful world of gaming)

So let's put you in the driving seat!

Something to consider - if everyone who visited Game-Debate contributed just $1 a year, we could cover all costs, remove all advertising, create new content daily, pay admin, hire hardware reviewers, purchase tonnes of new hardware to test and do daily game giveaways, to mention just a few of the things that we can achieve with your help. Obviously that isn't going to happen, but every dollar from you will get us some of the way there.

Oh my! Are you still reading? Ok, I better make this good.
Through Patreon, and with your support, we will create a place for our amazing community to discuss and be an active part in what awesome tools we should be developing next, what hardware you want us to buy to test games on, which games to run in-depth benchmark videos on and so on.
This will be done through a Patreon Backer Area, here on Patreon. It will include developer blogs, periodic development votes and discussing your own new ideas that you feel could significantly help our ever growing PC gaming community. With the right support from you, anything is possible.

A taste of what's to come - I want PC gamers on Steam to be able to say to their friends '...have you got a GD account? It integrates with your Steam profile, letting us both quickly see each others game libraries then display which of those games will run on each others machines and at what graphics level, frame rates. Plus all the Steam details of how long you have played the game, which games you want or really like and so on...'

The sheer popularity of Game-Debate is testament to how much the world wants well thought out PC hardware game-analysis tools and I want you to be an active part in making something special happen.

Please take a look at our Milestones to give you an idea of the cool stuff you will be encouraging us to build. We will be creating entirely unique tools to allow you to better understand your PC gaming experience, capable of analysing the real costs and performance of your own PC hardware.


I am so excited about finally being able to make stuff exactly for the people who want it (that's you!) rather than being paid and "owned" by an advertising revenue and showing ads that no one really wants.
For everyone pledging your support, I am truly thankful. Our community and all those people that believe in the cool things we achieve are always the real people behind the success of Game-Debate. You motivate me and everyone else involved to keep doing what we do.

Even if you are not ready to become a backer yet, thanks for reading and I hope you consider supporting us the next time you have a dollar to invest. If you have an idea about possible reward tiers, milestones or website improvements for Game-Debate /PC-Specs that you would like to see then I still want to hear about them, so please get in touch.
The email to reach me on is [email protected]

If all that is not enough, your help will give us a chance to evolve into a completely sustainable site. One we all want us to become, and one you will feel good to be a part of.

Thanks for your support and happy gaming!
Hugs, Felix
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  • Create backers' BACKSTAGE AREA
  • Create backer badges on Game-Debate
  • Produce monthly development update blogs for supporting members
  • Create backer voting for new development choices
  • Arrange backer feedback sessions
  • Remove site ads for all backers
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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