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I make a lot of content. Some of it you'll get early, some of it you'll get for a discount (like my upcoming book!). And this applies to everything from content, to tutorials, to interviews.

Reading List!
I read a ton, and I'll share stuff I find interesting with you. Books, articles, blogs etc that are fantastic resources for indie game developers.


Book Summaries! 

I read popular books often on game development, design, theory, self-improvement, motivation and many additional subjects. I'll take what I learned,  and summarize it in a quick video to save you some time and teach you something.


Your Name/Game In Credits! 

I do live-streams at a minimum of once a week, sometimes many times a week. Your name and/or game's name will appear in my end-of-stream credits! That includes recordings of the stream that go on YouTube forever. 

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Video Course Library!

Want to learn something quick? The video course library is going to be filled with sub-10-minute courses on how to set up a landing page, send an email to publishers/press, market your game etc. New courses every month, and they are built SPECIFICALLY to help you with your struggles! 


Course Requests!

Sometimes you want to learn something that I don't have a course or tutorial for. Good news! With this tier you can request specific courses on everything from marketing, advertising, monetization, game design, construct engine tutorials, etc.


Marketing Tools List! 

Having done marketing for many years, I have a huge list of tools and sites that I use in my work. Tons of popular tools, hidden gems, and MUST HAVES for getting your game out there, and you get direct access.


Promotion on Twitter! 

As part of Underground ELITE, tweet anytime @gamedevudg and get retweeted. There is no limit on this, and hopefully it doesn't get abused where we have to put in a limit or take it out completely. Get in while you can!. As of now we've got a few thousands followers. Nothing nsfw or offensive allowed.

Feedback Friday Priority!
Jump to the front of the line and have me play your game live on YouTube/Twitch on Feedback Fridays. This will get you feedback + exposure to thousands of people. We will do these at a minimum of once a month. 


Indie Publisher Database!
You'll get exclusive access to my personal Indie Publisher Database, which is updated often. 

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About Tim Ruswick

Hey there, my name is Tim Ruswick, and I am the founder of a YouTube channel and online community called Game Dev Underground. My goal is to help as many game developers I can make better games, actually finish them, and market them effectively to the masses. And with Underground ELITE - I'm taking that to a whole new level! Check out the deets.

See, I believe that games can change the world, and with your help, I can make sure we have more of them.

I want to continue to make completely free videos on subjects ranging from game design, to level design, to marketing, to psychology, and even self improvement. I want to continue to help game developers all over the world with things they didn't know they needed. And in addition, I want to build the best place online for game developers to connect with each other, help each other, and grow together as a collective.

This is how I plan to support the underground, and I appreciate you being a part of it!

Besides all the cool stuff right? Besides hanging out with me, access to tons of tools and data on how to build, finish and launch your game...and besides all the cool extra perks I've thrown in here, right? For me, the primary benefit isn't actually all the stuff you get, It's to surround yourself with other game developers that are ACTIVELY MAKING GAMES. 

Think of it like this...There are dudes that talk about making games...and there are dudes that actually make them. No matter which one of those you are right now, by joining Underground Elite, you are surrounding yourself with tons of other developers that are SUPER SERIOUS about ACTUALLY FINISHING GAMES...and that's awesome. That's what I love about this. People put their money into what they believe in, yet most "game developers" never actually invest in themselves. Well this is an investment in yourself. If you're a successful developer already, Underground Elite will help you network and grow. If you're just beginning, it will help you connect with people from around the globe that can help you, promote you, and give you feedback.

And to be clear, I'm not telling you I have all the answers. I'm not trying to be some guru with a membership program trying to sell you stuff because you think that will solve all of your problems. It won't. Nothing but hard work and dedication will. But with ELITE, you won't be alone. An army of developers will have your back.
Elite isn't just some random group, it's a collective of game developers serious about success.

I could spend my time working with clients, and building games for others. I could talk to new leads every day and try to land new freelance business. I could spend a ton of time paying bills...but all this means is less content and less community. I love this community and I want to dedicate my life to it. Patreon is helping me do that.

Plus, if you think about it...Patreon gives me all of the technology I need to run Underground Elite without having to worry about the technology headache, content delivery, and user management.

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DevExchange Launches! DevExchange is a once a month private online talk /  event / meetup / hangout session EXCLUSIVELY for ELITE members! Think of it like a giant video chat session that will change and evolve overtime. Everything from just chatting, to Q&A, to presentations by myself and other members. We do it all live, and the recording becomes extra content for the community!
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