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Game Developers of Wellington is a meetup group for people in game development and related industries in Wellington as well as students and hobby game developers

You can find details of previous and upcoming events on our GDOW page 

Who the heck are we?

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that if you're here on our Patreon page, you already know who we are. If not, please skip down to 'What do we do?'. For those of you that already know who we are and what we do, let's get right to the 'why should you give us your sweet sweet money' portion, shall we?

What can we achieve with your help?

For the first year or so, we've funded Meetups via sponsorship from generous sponsors like Grow Wellington, PikPok, and Dinosaur Polo Club. However, that sponsorship will not last forever, and there are always more exciting things we'd like to do, provided we have the funds!

Just a few of the great things we'd love to do:

- Fly in expert guests from Auckland, and share the NZ gamedev love!
- Bring in awesome international guest speakers from Australia (and maybe further abroad?)
- Organize special workshop sessions covering important topics in the industry
- Procure space for participation in Global Game Jam, or other relevant events

We've already got a whole lot of awesome games industry veterans who are willing to come visit us, we've just gotta cover their travel costs.

This is just a first look at what we could achieve with your help! As always, we're here to serve the Wellington Game Dev community, so if you have specific initiatives you'd like to see addressed, or have an awesome idea for a future event / speaker / project, etc, please let us know!

TLDR; More money = more opportunity for cool stuff.

What do we do?

Since May 2014, we've been hosting a game developer meetup every month. In just over a year, we've gone from 3 people to over 500! 

Each Meetup tends to consist of one or more speakers focused on presenting a topic relevant to the industry. Topics include everything from game design, to marketing, and more business oriented sessions.

A typical Meetup might include:

- 1-2 great speakers presenting on core topic or theme relevant to the industry
- Or a panel session with multiple expert guests
- An opportunity for Q&A with the speaker(s)
- Job opportunity announcements
- Relevant news & updates
- Share the Love: Game Play-test & feedback session

After that, we tend to head off to the local pub to continue the conversation, share stories of what we're up to, and generally have a great time!

Why is this important?

Networking and sharing of knowledge has an enormous impact on the technically and creatively driven field of game development. Being able to make connections with people with different experiences can be very useful for anyone involved in game dev, regardless of discipline!

Finding solutions to technical problems, discussing design ideas, getting business advice from industry veterans, forming teams with new people. All these things can happen when game developers get together!

Also, while making great games is fantastic in its own right, in order to help grow the larger NZ game industry it's important to not just make great games, but also to help lift one another up. We hope to enable this through more opportunities for information sharing, networking, and celebrating each other's success stories!

Personal Experience
I came to Welllington from Melbourne, which lately has a very strong game development scene, with 50+ studios and internationally recognized games like Crossy Road, Armello and Framed.

The popular IGDA meetups there were responsible for quite a few of these studios forming and many people in the industry there have used them to share valuable knowledge, learn from visiting developers, make new contacts and find new employees or employers. 

Wellington has a strong base of games industry skills; We've got experienced old hands from PikPok and Weta, we've got a handful of successful indies, and we've got huge quantities of students graduating every year with games related qualifications. By bringing these people together to share their expertise we can help the Wellington games industry grow stronger.

We look forward to having you join us on this adventure!

Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff
Your donations go to the Game Developers of Wellington Trust. We are incorporated in New Zealand as a Charitable Trust Board under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. To see our trust deed and other details, search for us on the official register here. Our application for registration as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 is pending.

Thanks to Tim Sherman and Sarah Denton of Chapman Tripp for legal assistance in setting up the Game Developers of Wellington Trust
Talk to them if you want games related Lawyer-ing done, they're good at what they do!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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