is creating Terraino - Lego-like 3D terrain you build for pennies a piece!
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About GameGearMaster

Hey there! I build stuff to fuel my obsession with tabletop gaming. I created my own 3D modular terrain system called Terraino - the Lego-like tabletop terrain system you build for pennies a piece! Check it out:

I've created a bunch of tutorial videos for it as well as three Terraino construction manuals covering everything from the basics of Terraino to everything you would need to make entire towns that are fully lit and playable. On top of that, there's also the Terraino Strongholds Construction Manual coming soon! 

Some behind the scenes stuff, including some great examples of just how much you can do with Terraino:

I also make general crafting videos for tabletop gear, miniatures and other stuff:

How is all this possible? Well, I'd like to say that I am independently wealthy but, like most of you, I have financial help. That's where you come in!
I would love your support so I can keep creating, innovating & writing cool stuff for you. Tutorials to show you how to make amazing terrain for your tabletop, manuals that guide you step by step through making the amazing Terraino 3D tabletop system, and adventures for 5e, rules supplements, npc's, worldbuilding... so much stuff I have rolling around in my head! I just need the time and resources to put them up for you to enjoy.

Here's are some of the videos I've been making:

You'll also be supporting the maintaining and updating of the Terraino Construction Manuals, hefty tomes complete with 3D renderings of all the Terraino components along with detailed instructions as well as printable templates and textures you can use to make creation of your own Terraino set quick and easy.

GameGearMaster Patreon Members will also be supporting further development of the Terraino system, including the Terraino Tavern Set, the Terraino Tech Set as well as the soon to be released Terraino Strongholds set. I have more sets and ideas than I have time to develop them right now! With your support, hopefully that will change!

Here are some example pages for the Terraino Basics Construction Manual:

I've also been writing  - a lot. Here's a little of what's ready for the public up here with more being added all the time.

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Monthly live build hangout for all GameGearMaster Supporters and Members. You'd have direct access to ask any and all of your Terraino and crafting related questions while I show you, in real time, how to build Terraino related crafts, tabletop gear, mini's, and more!
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