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About Game Kiwi

So as it turns out making dumb video game videos for the internet is hard! And not only that, but it also takes a lot of time! I love doing it, but I have a very cute dog to feed and he only eats the finest kibbles.

I have ideas and plans and dreams for Game Kiwi, but without the time to make that content it's very difficult. We already do Let's Plays, and game streams, and Gunpla streams, but I want to do more! That's where you come in! With your help and also money I can spend less time finding and doing Real Work, and more time talking over video games for you! (Not to mention I can feed that dog!)

Any little bit helps; every dollar is appreciated. I just know that together we can make Game Kiwi rad as heck!
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$30 is nothing to shake a stick at! I can have game giveaways for Patrons at this level!

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