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Introduction To Game Design & Programming 2020 Edition

My Introduction To Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2 was my most popular book of 2019.

Since I wrote this book in late 2018, there have been quite a lot of changes to GameMaker Studio 2.

This new book will cover some of the updates and new functions.

This book will have a new edition every month - get access for just $2.

Covers all the basics you need to start making your own games.

500 Pages.
Chapter 1: Starting With An Idea
Chapter 2: Initial Planning & Preparation
Chapter 3: Software & Financing
Chapter: 4 Game Assets
Chapter 5: Refining Resources
Chapter 6: Beta Testing & Debugging
Chapter 7: Programming
Chapter 8: Final Testing
Chapter 9: Publishing & Game Promotion
Useful Ideas To Add To Your Game
1: Download Levels
2: Shop System
3: Unlockable Levels
4: Parallax Effect
5: Farming & Automated Characters
6: Avatar Creator
7: Sprite Control
Appendix 1: Variables
Appendix 2: Conditionals
Appendix 3: Drawing
Appendix 4: Drawing Continued
Appendix 5: Keyboard Input & Simple Movement
Appendix 6: Objects & Events
Appendix 7: Sprites
Appendix 8: Health, Lives & Score
Appendix 9: Mouse
Appendix 10: Alarms
Appendix 11: Collisions
Appendix 12: Rooms
Appendix 13: Backgrounds
Appendix 14: Sounds
Appendix 15: Splash Screens & Menu
Appendix 16: Random
Appendix 17: AI
Appendix 18: INI Files
Appendix 19: Effects
Appendix 20: Loops
Appendix 21: Arrays
Appendix 22: DS Lists
Appendix 23: Paths
Appendix 24: Scripts

Includes resources and project files.
Code can be used in your own games, both free and paid.

About Me

Being fortunate to be a kid growing up in 1980’s, I was lucky enough to follow the development of home game console market.
I was always more interested in how the games were designed and made, rather than actually playing them. I still remember Christmas (1982, I think) when I received a Spectrum 48K computer. This device changed my life – a home computer you could play AND make games on.

Mid 1984 I had made my first game, a very basic racing game. It was nothing special, by this piqued my interest. Some 30 years later I still enjoy programming and making games.

Thanks to GameMaker Studio 2, it’s language and interface, making games for computers and consoles has never been easier.

I'd like to share some of what I have learnt over the years.
It will cover topics such as:

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