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What we do!
Chances are you already know some of the content we do, but moving forward, we have huge plans for the channel We want to upload more videos a week and begin a few new series. Along with the theories, news & discussion videos we already create, we would like to begin our own "unique" video game review series & an interview style series where we interview other popular youtube channels!

Why did we start Patreon?
I recently became a father to a beautiful baby girl and it's hard to find the time to create quality content and invest in making my channel as best as it possibly can. With your help, I will be able to buy better equipment and hire someone who can edit videos. This would result in more videos for you & give me more time with my daughter.

What do we hope to achieve from Patreon?
Unboxings, Reviews, Let's Plays, Giveaways, Interviews, etc... Literally anything is on the table and you can choose!

Every dollar of every pledge will go directly toward raising the quality of content on my channel. From better and more in depth news and theory videos to being able to bring on more popular and famous guests for collaborations, discussions & podcasts. As mentioned above, I would love to begin my review series, the first of which can be seen as "The Best & Worst of Ocarina of Time" on my channel. This will be an evolving series, so as with every series I have, your feedback will be important in the quality of the video.

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We will try our best to have a NEW SCRIPTED VIDEO EVERY WEEK.

This includes Zelda Theories, Lore Videos, Top 5, Top 10, history of Cancelled Games and more!
Patreons can suggest which type of video we create & the topic of the Theory, Lore, Top 5, etc...
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