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Ocean Dwellers
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The first of the tiers. Lowest Reward but, still highly appreciated.

-a video on a subject/game of your choosing {within Reason}

-Shoutouts in all streams and uploads

-Fancy Role in my Discord and Patreon only channel access

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Second and most adorable tier for donation. 

4 Benefits including 2 new and 3 from Ocean Dwellers Tier

Trying to make it worth it.

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Third and one of the higher tiers for donation. 

6 Benefits including 1 new and 5 from previous Tiers

Trying to make it worth it so this tier has the special benefit of Early video viewing. 




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About GameVideosForLife

Hiyo great to see you here checking out my Patreon. For those who don't know me or my content very well just yet, let me explain the story of GVFL. I started off playing a game called Primal Carnage and over the years my content has changed form a little. I now play many dinosaur related games as well as superhero/alien games. 
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When I reach $25 a month I will be doing a special patron only event featuring as many people as possible that will be uploaded on youtube a week after the event.
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