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About GameWatcher

, previously known as StrategyInformer, has been online since 2001. We've started covering PC Games Mods early and have so far gathered over 25,000 Mods files for various old and newer PC Games for a total of 60+ Terrabytes of data.

Since Steam Workshop has done a great job at implementing Mods into their system, we have since stopped hosting new mods. What remains is a large PC Mods database of mostly, but not only, older games (Battlefield, CoD, WoW, C&C, GTA, Total War games etc).

We will do our best to keep the Mods database online and freely available to anyone visiting GameWatcher, as we've been for more then 15 years, but if anyone is willing to help us run with the costs we would be most appreciative as it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify it.
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$300 covers our file server expenses and allows us to continue offering free access to all PC Games Mods featured on GameWatcher.
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