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  • Free bonus download bundle with every new project. Each time I make a new game project I will conveniently zip all the code, graphics, sound and any other resources and make it available to you on the Patron only feed. 
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About Game Code School

Game Coding for Beginners

Most of my stuff will always be free but some readers have suggested I setup this Patreon account. So, here it is. Support me for more neat tutorials. Many thanks!
  • Pick the language that is right for your game building goals and start learning to code
  • Suitable for complete beginners up to intermediate level
  • All examples are game related
  • Real game projects for you to build Step by step from the very start 
  • Projects from setting up your coding environment through to building real games that you can modify and even publish
Not sure how to get started? Which coding language is best? Which platform should you choose? These questions and more are answered on Game Code School.
$12 of $200 per month
Just seemed like a good goal! I will be working full-time on my site regardless. So you know what to expect, this is what I am currently working on. 
  • GameMaker Studio tutorials
  • UE4 tutorials
  • Game design tutorials
  • Level 2 Java series
  • Level 2 C++ series
  • Completing the C# level 1 tutorials
  • Translating site into Spanish. Hola!
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