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I am extremely impassioned about picking games and finding fitting statistics to pick games. I am offering that every week of the season, I will pick every game of the week with the spread and give a paragraph of analysis for each. I will then choose the top five picks that I feel the most confidence in. This isn't some "secret" statistical model that promises 75% accuracy; this will display my entire thought process for every game. Every stat, every rationale, and every possible reason for picking a game will be visible to you. I guarantee satisfaction because I will give data, statistics, and reasons that assist you in making your own decisions; this isn't some "games" service that you pay for and have to blindly follow. I know I could charge a lot more money for all of this, but I was once someone that was looking for assistance with betting, and every service out there was extremely expensive, so I wanted to create something affordable that is just as good as the other services out there. I also am giving DFS lineups with rationale for each pick. 
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When I reach 10 patrons, I will create a discord server where we can have interaction and discuss the game picks or live games. 
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