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Hey Guys! We're just another YouTube Gaming review channel in the YouTube Landscape!

Haha.. All jokes aside, we're actually a channel about History (possibly other subjects in the future) and learning history through a gamers perspective. We want to make our videos educational and goofy but we also want them to come from a relatable and understandable world. I find history very dark but also very interesting and I wanted to combine it with my love for gaming.. So we did! We want people to understand that history really is ridiculous but also interesting and worth learning about! There's a lot to take from history and we want to show that!

About Myself: My name is Jonathan :) and I should've probably added that a little bit earlier but I'm adding it a little bit later. I'm kind of weird.. but I am friendly and I love learning! I also love teaching and video games! I love gaming and I've loved it since I was first able to hold a controller in my hand. I'm a student and this is a very big venture for me but I want to make it work the best way possible! So I need your help! My team needs your help! My first official video took me 4 MONTHS to make and that's with all the crazy editing by myself.. Not to mention all the original art.. however! If we had more funds and more people we could be dishing these out weekly! So help us make more videos :) 
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Graphics Card! My computer can't completely handle all the work load so if we were to get a new graphics card we could definitely handle some more projects with better efficiency! 
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