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Fellow Gamer
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For 2$ a month you'll have:

- Jonny's eternal gratitude 

- Your name at the end of our videos

- You will see our videos before their public and some
  videos that will never get released publicly

- You will have special roles on our discord server

Includes Discord rewards
Pro Gamer
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For 5$ a month you'll have:

-  - Jonny and Niko's eternal gratitude  

- The opportunity to participate in a game whether its by
  having a match with me or by being a part of a Let's play
  or Walktrough occasionally 

- The opportunity to participate in a game discussion or
 hypothesis. you can even come up with ideas for these
 and we can make a video out of that. 

- All the rewards that come included with the 

  "Fellow Gamer" tier 

Includes Discord rewards



About Gamers Galaxy

Gamers Galaxy is a YT channel with the current members being two boys called Jonny and Nicko. we create game related content and all money donated will be invested in furter game and equipment so we can dedicate more time doing what we love :) thanks for your support!!
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We will focus all our income to buy Nicko a twitch settup so he can play live and comunicate with you guys every now and then :)
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