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Hey everyone! so my dream job is to be a full-time youtube creator/ twitch streamer...but life has taken a different response to that dream of mine. Recently I have been beaten around and money is an extremely big need especially with the recent events. Long story short, I managed to rack up about $18,000 worth of credit debt, once by getting both my debit and credit card skimmed and the other card was just a foolish purchase I made online. I work somewhere along the lines of 40-50 hours a week at $9.50 and I'm looking to begin a second job all while going to school. Where would I find the time to work on this goal you might ask, well I tend to have about 2-4 hours a free time which i try to relax and play a game of something, If I can increase my following I feel more susceptible to just stream whatever I'm playing. It all reality, my big 'dream' is to be an entertainer, someone you can go home to, load up, and share some good laughs, or maybe spook out, I dunno, either way, any help in the world would be appreciated, if you want to know more, simply ask, I'm rather attentive to my email considering everything I've got going on. 

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