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For $3.00 per month, you'll get random postcards with original drawings on them mailed to you from wherever in the world my cartooning career takes me. From where and how many? I don't know.
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For five dollars a month, I'll send you the random original art postcards from wherever I find myself plus your name will appear somewhere in the comics/and or graphic novels I create through the help of your funding.
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Hi! I'd be honoured if you'd patron-ize me. I'm an Eisner and Shuster Award winning comic store owner in Victoria, BC (my day job since 1992) who has been writing, drawing, and self publishing comic books, graphic novels, and records since 1990. I have 167 issues of my comic book series Magic Teeth, 13 records on my record label, three graphic novels, and one full colour, hardcover children's book (which includes a theme song by Barenaked Ladies' own Ed Robertson) already out in the world. My non self-published output includes the art for the hardcover "Victoria Imagined" book, the hundred page hardcover comic book "Silence Is A Song I Know All The Words To" with Shane Koyczan, the multiple-million YouTube viewed video for "Troll" with Shane Koyczan, The "Shoulders" video project with David Suzuki and Shane Koyczan, and the "Take A Little Time" animated rock video by Kathryn Calder (of The New Pornographers): 
I'm listing some of this work to show that I do actually get things finished. I've seen all of these projects through to completion and I'm now starting my biggest project to date:

I'm looking for funding to allow me to work on my new book about Harvey Kurtzman (the creator of Mad Magazine and the "Godfather of Underground Comics."). Tentatively titled "My Cartooning Pilgrimage", it's not only a biography of my favourite artist (Harvey Kurtzman 1924-1993), it's also a travelogue of my adventures with my wife to his New York studio, illustrated interviews with his cohorts and disciples, and a detailed account of his and his wife's unwitting transformation of pop culture from (roughly) 1946-1960. His widow Adele Kurtzman, I'll argue, told the greatest lie of the 20th Century and we're all the better off because of it. (It's an incredible story).

The book might be in the area of 120 full-colour pages and may take me another couple of years to finish, but I believe the story needs to be told. Concurrently, I'll be continuing with my Victoria, BC -centric adventure series Enid Jupiter and Lyra Gotham: The Monster Sisters (six issues have been published so far).

Here's a short video about this project from a local television station:
$5 of $2,000 per month
If I am assured this amount, I can rest easy at night, knowing I can work on this project with reckless abandon.
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