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About Garnet Henderson

I am a choreographer and dancer in New York City making live performance works and dance films. I am interested in dance that is rigorous, evocative, and meticulously detailed. I explore themes of effort, observation, and authenticity. I also center women's experiences and perspectives. Though dance is often seen as a feminine pursuit, most prominent choreographers, directors, and producers in the dance field are men.

Rehearsal space rentals are my biggest expense. Patron support helps ensure that I have the time and space to develop new ideas and rehearse existing works.

I also believe in paying my dancers, and all other collaborators, an equitable rate.

Donations will also cover performance fees, costumes, and other production costs.

If you're not familiar with my work here are a few of my most recent dances:

Address (2018)
A solo that embodies and challenges assumptions about women, their bodies, and what women should do with their bodies. The dance explores the consequences of living and performing under these expectations, and the difference between being looked at and being seen.

Address — Women in Motion Commissioned Artists at Soaking WET from Garnet Henderson on Vimeo.

Our Bodies Get Too Far Apart (2017)
A dance about two people trying to be more than they are.

Our Bodies Get Too Far Apart EXCERPT from Garnet Henderson on Vimeo.

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