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Rated G Radio is the result of a vision of not just a better world, but a rockin' fun one! It comes from my objective that allows each of us as individuals to find our own power to transform into the vibrant, alive, awake and actualized people we want ourselves to be. How does radio programming help with that? By bringing the most exciting thinkers, musicians, artists, intuitives and thought challenging visionaries to you five days a week, fifty weeks a year. Think of it as NPR but much more fun and even more enlightening!

A few years ago, I woke up to the fact that my life was not turning me into who I dreamed of being. As part of my personal process to change that, I created Rated G Radio as a 30 minute experiment in June of 2012, then into a weeknight hour long Lifestyle and Entertainment program featuring a wide range of guests ranging from Grammy winners, a Presidential candidate, an Olympic gold medal winner, best selling authors, movie directors, lifestyle guru's, pop culture experts and lots of stories featuring "regular people" like you and me.

Now I want to take Rated G Radio to its next level and have it reflect you and the rest of the community that it has grown. Together, we can turn this into a larger format, bigger platform and be "the next big thing" in Entertainment. Through the different investment levels, we can also have it reflect you to whatever extent you wish to participate.

Your investment will allow full-time creative resources to generate even better hours of daily content, more guests, and improving the production values of the show. I will soon be broadcasting live video for the show as well like a "video chat" for you to watch on YouTube.

I want to make this OUR show, that you, your friends and your family all look forward to every day. Not only will this be interesting programming you WANT to hear, but through your participation, it will be about you, from your ideas and in a strong sense, created by all of us.

Whether you donate $10/month, $50/month, $100/month - it all adds up and helps Rated G Radio into an inspiring, entertaining, self-broadening environment for you to feel part of each week.
I am grateful to each of you for listening, supporting and joining me in this wonderful venture and dream!
Thank you!     Thank you!    Thank you!

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With $100, the phone & internet service are covered for a month.  Everyone who has donated will get a special shout out on Twitter and Facebook for their support!
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